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Robert Angus MONCRIEFF - Writings

These are all the known publications of Robert Moncrieff. If you have any of these in print form I would appreciate a copy, or help as to where I could view or obtain a copy. I am trying to collect all his works. Not all are print material, some are radio play scripts.

Note - The Toowoomba Local History Library has Bob's works catalogued and in storage. Copies can be obtained at 20c per A4 page plus postage. Contact the library for further information.

About Moncrieff, but not written by him.

Local author recalls epic story of the Sea Search for a lost explorer
On Leichhardt's Trail The Men from radio's Room 7

By Moncrieff

Alternative Punishment
("Chronicle" editorial 10"' September 1981)
Animals of the Big Scrubs
Annie and the Sea Rover
Archers of Gracemere, The
Awakening, The
Back of Beyond, The
Back to the Lawson Country
Barber's Chair, the
Barrier of beyond, The
Barron and Tully Falls, The
Bell, The
Bend in the Creek, The
Beyond the Mountains of Death
Big One, The
Bill Comes Home
Bird Watching by Boat
Blackie of Ridgehaven
Black Mountains of Cooktown, The
Blood Volute, the
Bower at Adelaide River, A
Burke and Wills
Bush Fires
Bush Relics
Cactus Curse, The
Cairns Aerial Ambulance
Cairns Crocodile Race
Captives, The
Carpet Snake
Caves of Cammoo, The
Cecil Plains and the Mary River
Changing Scene, The
Christmas dinner on a Sandbank
Climb up Mt Warning, A
Come Beachcombing
Condamine River, The
Cook of the Muster Camp
Cooktown Orchid, The
Covenant, The
Crimson Desert, The
Crush is on, The
Cutting Out' in the Gulf Country
Danger Where the Beauty Lies
Date with Crocodiles, A
Dead Heart, The
Deadline (typescript of novel)
Death in the Heart
Death on the Escape
Development of Cairns, The
Devil's Marbles and "The Ringer, The"
Dingo Hunt
Dingo, The
Dog we left behind, The
Drug Scene (front page article about a series to be written by R A Moncrieff, "Chronicle" 11th December 1980), The
Drugs - a one-way trip
Drugs offer release from social pressure
Drugs, drink - death, destruction
Dugong hunt up in the Gulf, The
Dugong Hunt
Dust from the Simpson Desert
Early Days in Cairns
Early Toowoomba
Empty North, The
Epics of the North
Fangs of the Wild
Fauna and Flora of Lizard Island
Fiddler of the Gorge, The
Field Naturalist Excursions
First Water, The
Flying Foxes in North and South Queensland
Flying Foxes
Flying Squirrel, The
Following the Thresher
Forsyth Comes Home
From Centre to Top End
From the Heart
Galah Session, the
Gathering Cloud, The
Gems of the Sea
Ghosts of the North
Gift of Love, the
Gods of the Gibbers, The
Grey Face
Gunyahs in Heartbreak Corner
Heathen, The
Home for Christmas
Homestead Wedding, A
Hopes and Trials of a Mineral Boom Town
I left my boots on Albany Island
In the Centre
Incident at Lizard Island
Island called Castaway, An
Island Light
Island of Tragedy, The
Island of Yesterday, An
It's a Lonely Way to die
Jack in the Rocks
JC Pub, The
Jackeroo, the
Jim Crow Tree, The
Jo-Jo was an Orphan
Jumping the Rattler
Kangaroo Death Caves
Killarney District
Killers of the North
King of Glasshouse
King's Road, in Fiji, The
Lady is a Croc Hunter, The
Lake Eyre
Land of Ghosts, The
Land of Humpty Doo, The
Land of Humpty Doo, The
Land of Humpty Doo, The
Land of Mountains, The
Land of the Wonga
Land-lubber off Cape Moreton, A
Lark and the Eagle, The
Last Trace of Leichhardt, The
Last Train, The
Leeches and Ticks
Lion of Wahoon, the
Looking Back
Lost Expedition, The
Magpie Incidents
Malloy's Last Dive
Mantle of Safety, The
Marauders of the North
Memories of  'We of the Never Never'
Memory of Vulagi, A
Monsoon Breakaway
Monster of the Gulf
Moogerah Dam
Mount SuperBus
Mountain of the Worm
Mustering in the Outback
Mysterious Dutchman, The
Mystery in the North
Nature is a Savage Ruler
Night on Headingley Station, A
No Other Dog
No Place for a Woman
Nor' - East Light, The
North to the Cape
Note on Coochin Coochin and Mt Barney, A
Note on the Scrub Turkey, A
Oak Tree, the
Old One, The
Old Stumpy
Old Timer, The
Oldie is bewildered by his speedway family, An
On the Brink
Origin of Place Names in Cairns and District, The
Other Man in an act of derring-do, The
Other Way, The
Out Among the Big Ones
Outback Store, The
Over the Range by Rail 100 years ago
Over the Range
Permanent Way, The
Points North
Port of Call
Power of the Wild, The
Primitive Force, The
Primitives, The
Primitives, The
Rabbit Fence, The
Rain Forests
Range Country, The
Range Line, The
Red Vixen
Reef Cameo
Relics of Lizard Island Tragedy
Relics of Lizard Island Tragedy
Return to Memory Camp
Ringer, The
Road from Boulia to the Alice
Road, The
Sadness on a Summer Afternoon
Saga of Cooktown, The
Saga of the North
Salt-water Killer
Salvator Rosa; the Gothic gateway
Salvator Rosa
Save the Shells
Screaming Woman Bird, The
Sea Call
Sea, Sky and silence among the Islands of Peace
Sea Witch, the
Shadow of Superbus, The
Shadow of Superbus, The
Short cut
Short-cut to the Alice
Silent Hearts, The
Simpson Desert National Park
Simpson Desert: a feeling of God without mankind, The
Singing Ship, The
Site of Cairns, The
Some Experiences with Snakes
Song of Azak, The
Sou'-East of Thursday
South of the Gap
Speaking as a Naturalist
Spoils of the Sea
Staff of Life, The
Stinging tree - and others, The
Story of Ravensbourne, The
Strange Story of the Wreck of the 'Stirling Castle', The
Swan, The
Swanfels Valley
Three Thousand Mile Survey Trip
Time of the Joey, The
Time of the Thresher, The
To Hells Gate - and beyond
Toowoomba's First Hotel
Top End, The
Train Night
Trap, The
Treasure Island
Turning Point
Twenty-one. . . ..Down
Two of a Kind
Under the Shincrackers at Lightning Ridge
Unknown Gulf, The
Unnamed Article
Unnamed Script
Unproven, the
Vanishing Branch Lines, The
Victorians on the Gulf
Watch for symptoms of drug use
Way Beyond, The
Wayward Trail, the
Weakness for Boots, A
Western Line, The
Wharf Sister
What's in a Name
Wheelspan (typescript of novel)
Where Only the Dead Linger
Where the Gods laugh along the Birdsville Track
Which Way Now?
Wild Kingdom Star on Barrier Reef
Wild Life and the Wet
Without End
Woman of the Outback
Woman of the West, A
Women of the Outback
Women of the Outback
Writer in the World of Today, The
Writer in the World of Today, The
Yellow Jacket

In other publications

The Tracks We Travel : (pp. 103-114) Third Collection - Haylen, Leslie Sydney
Walkabout Magazine - 1967, Vol.33, no.9., pp. 16-18 :-
             'Back to the Lawson Country. A Nostalgic Journey.'
Australian Walkabout - Collection of non-fiction writing and photography from the famous Walkabout Magazine - Selected by Brian McArdle and Peter Fenton. [Melbourne]Landsdowne[1968]
Includes :- R.A. Moncrieff -- Sea and sails.
Downs Images : Essays, Stories and Poems from the Darling Downs - Peter Putnis 1981 (pp. 113-121).