Robert Angus MONCRIEFF

Is a Queensland writer. A linotype operator-mechanic by profession, he was born in Toowoomba and died in 1987. Along with his apprenticeship as printer, he served another-that of bushman and naturalist in the mountain country which is his home. Today he is well-known as an authority on wild life, and as an expert bushman. He has travelled widely in the Australian outback and the far north, and recently undertook a hazardous journey into the Simpson Desert in search of new material. Mr. Moncrieff is a short story writer whose work appears regularly in various magazines, both here and overseas. He is also widely known for his free-lance work for the A.B.C., which includes short stories, features and talks.
'The Tracks We Travel'

Moncrieff has written over 250 articles & short stories.

[The Chronicle - 11 Feb 2002]

  His writings

Bob was a mate & together we had some adventures in the last years of his life, the 1980's. He died in 1987 suffering motor neurone disease.
Bob and his wife were, I believe, playing members with the Queenlsand Symphony Orchestra.