Across Australia by Land Yacht

Carried out by Swiss Adventurer .. Jean Philippe Patthey


The trip from Townsville Queensland to Geraldton Western Australia

Elapsed time…..51days, distance…..around 4,000+ ks

Waypoints…Collinsville, Longreach, Boulia, Tobermory, Alice Springs, Ayers Rock [ Uluru ], Leonora, Sandstone, Mt Magnet, Mullewa.

Download the journey as a pdf file - Download (220kb)

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Sample extracts :-

" Very rugged terrain, even if it is rolling on as bitumen. However the absence of wind and tough climbs that represent this small mountain range that I must cross before reaching on flat ground, does not allow me to progress as I would like my tank for my luggage and water weighs over 120kg".......

"The axle previously broken was replaced, I have already traveled 600k's on it, 1100 to go, so half+ is behind us. Wind was not favorable for many days, it was right into my face, a headwind. I had to do a lot of pedaling. The last 3 days however it's been great, and assisting my progress greatly. The contour slopes are not very much of a problem, quite small really, nearly flat earth. They haven't been too difficult to traverse."