Bob Handley..... X Digger............ X Sydney Resident.

Bob pictured below, late in life decided to make a break, from the City of Sydney and head outback for a bit of a change. He was suffering from severe arthritis, so after clearance from his doctor, he went out and acquired a bricky's barrow, onto which he loaded his belongings and set off.

He pushed his barrow north to Far North Queensland, then headed out thru Mt Isa and up thru the territory to Darwin, rested for a while then headed down the track to the centre. Continuing through the centre, down the then dirt to Pt Augusta.
It was in this section that I first met Bob and had a yack with him. He was the all Australian Bloke. We were to meet many more times in the next few years. My passengers met a wonderful Aussie Icon.

Bob walked on westwards across the paddock to Perth, then down around the south west and back across The Nullabour to Pt Augusta again.

He finished off traveling to Adelaide, Melbourne and back to Sydney. His trip took over six years, more than a dozen pair of boots, and sadly more than a handful of companion Dogs.

This man deserves for his story to be recognized as a wonderful feat by Australians. I am trying to research his travel and life, and would appreciate any input that anyone may have, so please get in touch.

Bob has passed, lest we not forget

[Photo courtesy of 'The Living Australia' magazine]

Joe Murray - 'walkaboutjoe'